Edges and Outlines… New Landscapes

Old San Marcos Rd

I have depended a lot over the years upon the heavy black outline.  I loved to make things really crisp and defined in my work and to focus on edges.  Although it can lead to some interesting results (I love the work of Hokusai, for example)  it can be kind of a crutch and make things look a bit cartoony some times.  I’m starting to stumble on a new style that allows me to get more detail into a scene and allows me to get some subtle atmospheric effects, but still has a clean, brightly colored graphic look.  It has been fun to spend an hour or two each day painting outdoors.  All paintings are 8×10 on brown paper.

San Marcos MoreMesaglow GoletaBeach

5 thoughts on “Edges and Outlines… New Landscapes”

  1. I really like your new style. It pops right off the page. It becomes alive. Love it.

  2. Holy nuts, Kevin! This new work is fantastic! I have always loved you work, but I think this brings a sophistication and elegance without loosing your flair for vivid crispness. Out of this world!

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