Campfire at Dardinelles


I realized I never posted this painting from this summer… We enjoyed this fire while camping at Dardinelles Lake with my family.  Is there any better way to spend a cool evening that sitting around a warm fire in some beautiful, remote place?

Oil on Canvas 3’x4′


Ellwood Bluffs Sunrise


Casein on Panel 8 x 20″

When I showed up to set up my easel at 6 this morning, you could still see Orion and just a hint of color on the horizon.  It was so warm out and fun to share this beautiful view with all the early-rising trail runners.

Goleta Beach Full Moonrise and Ellwood Fog

Goleta Beach Moonrise

I went out painting with my friend Chris Potter to catch the sunset and moonrise at Goleta Beach last week.  It was a fun challenge to paint quickly as those cliff faces changed every color on my palette in the course of an hour.  And this one of Ellwood started off foggy and ended in the sun…  I’m starting to think I should try making giant flipbooks to animate the changing light.

Ellwood Fog