Goleta Beach Full Moonrise and Ellwood Fog

Goleta Beach Moonrise

I went out painting with my friend Chris Potter to catch the sunset and moonrise at Goleta Beach last week.  It was a fun challenge to paint quickly as those cliff faces changed every color on my palette in the course of an hour.  And this one of Ellwood started off foggy and ended in the sun…  I’m starting to think I should try making giant flipbooks to animate the changing light.

Ellwood Fog

3 thoughts on “Goleta Beach Full Moonrise and Ellwood Fog”

  1. Really like the moonlight on the cliffs and tide. We really enjoyed that moon in Reds last week – big and white.


  2. Kevin,

    These looks great, as do all of your pieces. Are they for sale, and at what price?




  3. Thanks Roland! Yes, they are always for sale. I’ve been putting them in the Santa Barbara Art Foundry lately. I’d love for you to have one… Let me know if there is one you would like to have and I’ll give you the friends and family price. : )

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