Ellwood Bluffs Sunrise


Casein on Panel 8 x 20″

When I showed up to set up my easel at 6 this morning, you could still see Orion and just a hint of color on the horizon.  It was so warm out and fun to share this beautiful view with all the early-rising trail runners.

5 thoughts on “Ellwood Bluffs Sunrise”

  1. Wow, that’s another winner!

    Bridget has been under the weather, and now we have family coming into town today through the weekend. Hopefully, soon after we can come take a look at your work when it’s convenient for you.

    Thanks Kevin.



  2. Kevin – I love the juxtaposition of the dynamic sunrise on the left and the calm bowl of blueberry yogurt-colored ocean on the right. Like the world is slowly creeping awake as our eyes move from one side of the painting to the other.

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