Rain Coming!


You could feel it coming yesterday from here on the Douglas Preserve.  The ocean was darkening and the clouds were moving in.  I hope you’ll join me this evening, wherever you happen to be, by going outside and splashing in some puddles.

Breathtaking Mountains

(I haven't posted a poem in a while... 
This one came to me while backpacking 
in the Thousand Lakes basin over a year ago.)

These tall granite peaks
     (the ones sitting in a magnificent circle here
     with a basin of mirrored lakes at their toes.
           which are creating
           rock and pine tree Rorschach tests
           on their distant shorelines
     for the deer to contemplate)…
These immense castle walls
      (with the hollow bone-like echoes
      of the last of this years snowmelt
            channeling through their
            crevices and caverns
      and then springing to the surface
      to be filtered by spongy wildflower gardens)…
These eroding ancient pyramids
      (falling apart as boulders, pebbles, and sand
           slowly disassembling into the most
           complex jigsaw puzzle on the planet)…
Yes, these very mountains
      are breathing.
I heard them myself,
      inhaling a breeze up this warm moist valley
      to their snowy tops, where they are exhaling it,
      right now
           as puffy white cumulonimbus outbreaths.
So strong, when the mountains breathe,
      that I can help but feel the wind
      sucked from my own lungs
 as it joins the flow to the peaks.

Art Show at the Soj!


I will be hanging this early morning view of Ellwood as well as a bunch of new and old artworks at Sojourner Cafe’ on Canon Perdido tomorrow.  Between this show and the works hanging at the Santa Barbara Art Foundry, ours wall at home will be pretty bare for a couple of months…. gives me an excuse to keep waking up early to enjoy sunrises with a paintbrush in hand.