Rain in Cold Springs Canyon


Oil on Repurposed Cabinet Door  14″x54″

I finished a studio version of the sketch I made a couple weeks ago.  I really enjoy painting on this vertical format… it makes me think of those classic Chinese paintings where you can imagine yourself walking into the landscape.  Here are some details of the two panels…

Enjoy your day!

IMG_3263 IMG_3264


The best kind of creek and recent paintings…


I was so grateful today to get to paint my favorite kind of creek…  the wet kind!  Amazing how after just a couple of rains the ferns come out of hiding, the moss materializes on the rocks and mushrooms sprout up everywhere.  It was good to see a lot of people out hiking up Rattlesnake Canyon today enjoying a gorgeous day.


These are just a few recent paintings I thought I’d post.  The Goleta Pier above.  Old San Marcos Rd. and a neighborhood view and view of Lake Mission Viejo below.  Old San Marcos PassDosPueblosNeighborhood


Painting in the Rain!


This was a fun one to make… notice the splashes of blue across the page at the bottom.  That’s from plump raindrops divebombing my palette last week during a slight sprinkle the day after the storm.  The creeks are still not running, but I did find this small pool in Cold Springs Canyon.  I think the need to work fast loosened me up in a nice way. I plan to make a more finished version of the sketch below in oil on a repurposed cabinet door.

Hopefully we’ll get some more water falling from the sky later this week!