Painting in the Rain!


This was a fun one to make… notice the splashes of blue across the page at the bottom.  That’s from plump raindrops divebombing my palette last week during a slight sprinkle the day after the storm.  The creeks are still not running, but I did find this small pool in Cold Springs Canyon.  I think the need to work fast loosened me up in a nice way. I plan to make a more finished version of the sketch below in oil on a repurposed cabinet door.

Hopefully we’ll get some more water falling from the sky later this week!


5 thoughts on “Painting in the Rain!”

  1. Love the blue raindrops and the rain in the second picture. Thanks for the hand painted card. I will frame it.

  2. Yes… I couldn’t help but think of my childhood hero Bob Ross and his “happy little accidents.”

    On Tue, Dec 9, 2014 at 6:10 AM, Wild Seeds wrote:


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