Stearn’s Wharf View


Oil on Canvas 2’x5′

I finished a commission for a really nice young family of the view from the wharf.  It was painted from a small casein plain air that I made in December. The last shot is just to show the tomatoes coming still in the middle of January.  If we don’t get too much more frost I think that plant might lap the calendar. : )   IMG_3329 wharfview

The Umbrella Tree

January Creeks1

Casein on Panel  11X14″

A friendly hiker told me she calls this the Umbrella Tree, the lovely sycamore showing its winter colors just above the point where creek forks in Cold Springs Canyon.  I’ve been so excited to get out and paint the creeks flowing with water again.   We could use a lot more… I hope El Nino pays us a visit this spring!

Ray Day on Camino Cielo

I was happy to join some local landscape painters recently up on Camino Cielo for Ray Day to celebrate the legendary local artist Ray Strong’s life and paint the clouds rolling in over the foothills.  Landscape painting is usually a solo sport, so it was fun to share the experience with some others who like spending time outdoors brushing colors on boards.

IMG_6358 IMG_6359

Painting in the Snow

It was a fun challenge to change biomes completely and paint in the snow back home in Lake Tahoe.  I learned a lesson with the lower painting not to go out too early with casein… the temperature was around 20 degrees and the paint literally turned to ice-cream on the tip of my brush.  It froze rather than dried and had a beautiful icy sheen until it thawed out indoors.

IMG_6322 IMG_6360 IMG_6362