A couple nice places to hang out with a paintbrush…

These are a couple recent paintings.  The first is the view up Winchester Canyon on a cloudy day.  I’ve been going to the beach and painting waves a lot lately… it is incredibly challenging.  They don’t hold still and don’t do the same thing twice.  Some day I hope to better be able to catch all those wet shiny reflections and the transparency of the breaking water.

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Cloudy Winchester Canyon    8×10″ Casein on PanelApril6 April7

Goleta Beach Shorebreak    8×10″ Casein on Panel Click to Bid

Backpacking in the San Rafael Wilderness

I’m trying to find the perfect ultra-life painting kit to take with me when I go backpacking.  One trick is taking tubes of paint that are mostly empty.  The challenge on these ones was holding everything in the wind with no easel… brushes in one hand, the painting itself in another, my water in my third hand and my palette in my teeth.  These three 8×10’s were painted on a fun hike with my family along Manzana Creek over Spring Break.

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A Couple of Prismatic Creeks


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When I went to mix the color for the water on this painting of a string of pools up San Ysidro Canyon, I was at a loss for where to start.  Is it blue? Orange? Green?  I realized practically every color in the spectrum was visible as the water rippled and trickled… the reflected blue sky, the submerged green moss, the warm reds and oranges from the wet rocks and the colors of the reflected trees and landscape.  I could use whatever color I felt like…

I enjoyed the reflections in this shady pool up Rattlesnake Canyon.

Rattlesnake Canyon Pool 12×12″   Buy with PayPal

Rattlesnake Canyon Pool
Rattlesnake Canyon Pool

El Refugio Point

El Refugio1

20″x9″ Casein on Panel

It was such a gorgeous day for this painting.  I love how the cliff is backlit in the afternoon and gets that warm glow of reflected light.  We saw a family of grey whales with a young calf spouting as they swam north past the point.  This painting is hanging at the Visions of the Gaviota Coast show at the Bacara this weekend.