Hiking the Sespe Gorge pt. 1

Memorial Day weekend I spent a couple days rock scrambling, bushwacking and wading through the lower Sespe gorge with a really fun group of hikers.   It is a gorgeous gorge, to say the least.  So nice to know that there is still a river that remote and wild in Southern California.  These paintings are all 8×10 in casein. Click to Bid Sespe4 Sespe5 Sespecr.3

Fresh Paint

Here are a few new paintings.  I haven’t used acrylics in a while, but I’m recognizing I might want to bring them out again when I want to work larger.  (The quick drying of the casein limits the scale I can create.)  Can you tell which painting is in the different media?


Cold Springs Trail Boulder  8×10″Views2

Sands Beach 12×12″Views4

Tucker’s Grove Trail 12×12″