Hiking the Sespe Gorge pt. 1

Memorial Day weekend I spent a couple days rock scrambling, bushwacking and wading through the lower Sespe gorge with a really fun group of hikers.   It is a gorgeous gorge, to say the least.  So nice to know that there is still a river that remote and wild in Southern California.  These paintings are all 8×10 in casein. Click to Bid Sespe4 Sespe5 Sespecr.3

2 thoughts on “Hiking the Sespe Gorge pt. 1”

  1. How do you keep finding streams in Southern Calif? Beautiful terrain.

  2. Ha! It isn’t easy finding streams in Southern California these days… It is going to have to be oceans for a while until El Nino comes.

    On Sun, May 31, 2015 at 6:49 PM, Wild Seeds wrote:


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