South of Hendry’s Beach

beach and creek3

Casein on Birch Panel 8×10″    If I had added the dozens of the happy dogs that chased tennis balls and frolicked in the surf up and down the beach as I painted… well, I need to get a lot better before I attempt THAT painting.  I’m not so good at painting moving targets yet.


Rattlesnake Canyon Pool

Casein on Birch Panel 8×10″

An orange salamander was swimming in the pool just upstream from here.  I also saw hummingbird chicks in their nest, a rattlesnake, dozens of spotted lizards, and one of those red-yellow-black stripey snakes on the hike…. it was a good day to be out there.  beach and creek5

Misty Mornings

Summer is here and my plan is to try to make a painting a day.  Summer in SB means June gloom which feels like a breath of fern laden moist air in times of drought.  I’ve been loving going out on these dripping, mossy mornings and learning how to use grey in my palette.  One plus is I don’t need to keep use the spray bottle on my casein paints…  100% humidity has its advantages.  On the flip side, my paintings don’t dry until I get them back home.   misty1 misty2 misty3 misty4 misty5

A Sweet Poison Oak Patch

The overcast afternoon under these dark live oaks on the Jesusita trail made the reds in the poison oak just glow.  I have to confess that I’m coming to love this plant.  I think of it like a protector of patches of the landscape where wild creatures can hide from people in hidden glens like this one.   Thinking from this point of view makes the spots on my leg itch a little less.    Casein on Birch Panel 9×12″   Click to BidLatest7Latest6