Backpacking in Mineral King

Of all the places I’ve been in the world, none compare in peace and beauty to the high Sierras.  (I encourage you to disagree and tell me your favorite nook or cranny of this planet.)  There is a special kind of quiet when you are up above 10,000 feet, a marmot is whistling, a few chickadees are calling, the breeze sounds like water through the fragrant pines and the sky is such a deep blue your paint tubes can’t do it justice.

(All paintings are Casein on Mounted Paper 8×10″)

Lake Below Sawtooth Pass Littlefivelakes MonarchLake SodaCreek

Painting in Costa Rica pt. 1

Our family was so fortunate to get the opportunity to explore Costa Rica this summer.  We saw incredible lush scenery (it is the rainy season), met beautiful down-to-earth people, and encountered a long list of rainforest creatures… quetzals, coatis, agoutis, monkeys and iguanas.  So nice to see such pristine habitat— (but don’t buy palm oil, which is the only monoculture we saw trampling the rainforest)  Pura Vida!arenaloasis

Arenal 8×10″ Casein on PaperNuayacaFalls

Nuayaca Falls 8×10″ Casein on PaperSalto

Salto en Arenal   8×10″ Casein on Paper