Painting in the Sierras

We went camping one last time before the school year starts.  Here are a couple of the views we got to walk into… AlpineLake

Family Secret Lake   8×10 Casein on PaperLowerRainbowFalls

Lower Falls   — Acrylic on Birch Panel 12×12″MeadowSundown

Meadow at Sundown  8×10″ Acrylic on Panel

2 thoughts on “Painting in the Sierras”

  1. Were you there the same time as Darrel? I know he just got back and said he had a great time Donna

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  2. Hi Donna— Yes, we were lucky to run into them! We had a reunion on the loop… Wish you were there.

    On Sat, Aug 15, 2015 at 2:19 PM, Wild Seeds wrote:


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