Painting Process: More Mesa Trail

I thought I’d take some in-progress photos today to share my process.  The first step is hiking around for a while until the muse bites… this can take all day sometimes.  I passed these trees, went to check out the ocean, realized the waves were small and headed back to the trees.

MoreMesaTrail - 1

I first make a simple, abstract first coat just to set the mood with the colors, get the value pattern down and figure out how things will be placed.

MoreMesaTrail - 2

It is all about shapes and colors for me… I break the bigger shapes into smaller shapes and try to pick out the most interesting colors I perceive in the scene.

MoreMesaTrail - 3

And then even smaller shapes…. Notice the number of brushes in the water jar grows as the painting proceeds… I start with a 1″ flat brush and finish with a small round.

MoreMesaTrail - 4

The finished painting:  More Mesa Trail– 12×12″ Acrylic on Birch Panel

Palm Loft Gallery Show


About ten of my paintings are on exhibit for the next month or so at Palm Loft Gallery in Carpinteria.  There are also awesome paintings by Michael Drury and Arturo Tello.  They are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s if you find yourself heading in that direction.

I updated my website to have a page for Available Paintings and one for Archived Paintings to make it easier to navigate.  Have a nice afternoon everyone!