Painting Process: More Mesa Trail

I thought I’d take some in-progress photos today to share my process.  The first step is hiking around for a while until the muse bites… this can take all day sometimes.  I passed these trees, went to check out the ocean, realized the waves were small and headed back to the trees.

MoreMesaTrail - 1

I first make a simple, abstract first coat just to set the mood with the colors, get the value pattern down and figure out how things will be placed.

MoreMesaTrail - 2

It is all about shapes and colors for me… I break the bigger shapes into smaller shapes and try to pick out the most interesting colors I perceive in the scene.

MoreMesaTrail - 3

And then even smaller shapes…. Notice the number of brushes in the water jar grows as the painting proceeds… I start with a 1″ flat brush and finish with a small round.

MoreMesaTrail - 4

The finished painting:  More Mesa Trail– 12×12″ Acrylic on Birch Panel

5 thoughts on “Painting Process: More Mesa Trail”

  1. All right, lessons and then the finished product. You make it sound so easy. It’s the artists eye that makes the difference.

  2. It was your artist’s eye that got me excited about art as a kid… I still remember the paintings on the wall at Grandma’s house.

    On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 5:45 PM, Wild Seeds wrote:


  3. I really enjoyed looking at the process of your painting. Makes me appreciate painting more, (painting is like building a house, foundation, walls, roof, Windows, trim.)

  4. Thank you for this lesson. I have been studying your paintings for a few months. I’m a watercolor artist but new to acrylics. I am trying different styles, but I really like yours. This has been very helpful. Cynthia

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