Late Afternoon at Devereux Slough

SloughLateAfternoon--Gleason - 2Acrylic on Canvas– 12″x36″– I enjoyed painting with this format… it three times wider than it is high, allowing me to get a sweeping panorama– much wider than my camera was able to pick up.  Good memories… I used to enjoy this view almost every day on my runs from Isla Vista.  SloughLateAfternoon--Gleason - 1



Painting the Sun

Acrylic on Canvas– 12×12″–   I thought I’d paint one of my two favorite artists while she was hard at work painting the sun.  When making art or reading are the few times I can get a painting of her or her sister, the other favorite artist… Otherwise they don’t sit still for long.   

Our Nearest Star

LagoonPoint-Gleason - 2Acrylic on Canvas 16×20– The light is getting so beautiful this time of year… there is less of it, but when it makes that low sweeping arc across the southern sky, sunrises go on for over an hour.   Did you know that the huge path the crescent moon will trace across the sky tonight is the same our sun will take six months from now? LagoonPoint-Gleason - 1


Winter Tree Portrait

Just a reminder about the art opening for my students and I at the Wilding Museum on Saturday from 3-5 pm.  Come on out and enjoy some eclectic drawings and paintings.  WinterTreePortrait--Gleason - 1 Winter Tree– Acrylic on Birch Panel 16×20″ — I painted this at Lake Los Carneros a couple hours before the sky started sprinkling today.  WinterTreePortrait--Gleason - 2