Old San Marcos Road

SanMarcosRd--Gleason - 1

Acrylic on Canvas– 20×20″   I love this corkscrew section of San Marcos road.   When I used to paint in a more abstract style, I used a lot of arrows in my work.   Arrows are great designs… simple and to the point.  And these ones give good advice.


Monarch Butterfly Grove

ButterflyGrove--Gleason - 1

Acrylic on Canvas 16×20″–  The monarchs are in town… Such a peaceful spot to spend some time.  When there are no people around it is quiet enough to hear their wing flaps.

Butterfly Beach Sunset

ButterflyBeach--Gleason - 2These two casein paintings (one 16×16″ and one 14×18″) are two of about a dozen sweet atmospheric moments that dissolved into each other as the sun fell.  The gold one I started when the sky was blue trying to anticipate what things would look like later.  The other I made from memory and a photo of what it looked like in the pink stages.  It is a challenge to develop a plein air technique for things that last just an instant— and usually the more fleeting something is, the more beautiful. ButterflyBeach--Gleason - 1