A Salamander’s Dream

24×30″ Acrylic on Canvas–  I hiked up San Ysidro Canyon last week to paint this prismatic pool.  Yesterday in Cold Springs canyon my daughters found three California Newts in similar pools– so nice hiking up a canyon in the spring!


Hendry’s Beach Marine Layer

There was a misty grey marine layer as I painted the view from the end of the Douglas Preserve.  By the end of the session, the sun snuck through and I made myself stop before the painting got too sunny.

Marine Layer at Hendry's Beach-- 11x24" Acrylic
Marine Layer at Hendry’s Beach– 11×24″ Acrylic

Spring Path

Casein--Gleason - 1

10×20″ Casein on Stonehenge Paper– This is a view from the path around Lake Los Carneros… on the horizon to the left in the farthest distance you can see the line of palms at Goleta Beach.  I mount these casein studies on board and frame them without glass– I love the matte surface and the casein is impervious and really durable after a couple months of curing.

Good Morning, Sunshine

Devereux1-Gleason - 1

Acrylic on Canvas– 24×60″– This is the path on the west side of Devereux Slough with a peak of the ocean on the horizon to the right.   The sun’s coming up nearly due east with the equinox near and as you walk down the path you get to pass through the stripes of warm golden sun and cool eucalyptus shadows.


Acrylic on Canvas Board–12×24″  —  This is the view from City Hall at the corner of De la Guerra and Anacapa as the sun is sinking to the west.  I was amused by the way people were pressing the cross buttons on each corner and all seemed to be moving clockwise for some reason… maybe they arrived in counter clockwise directions at sunrise.    Anacapa-Gleason - 1