Big Sur Lookout

10×20″ Acrylic and Casein– Everybody who would come out at the top of the trail to greet this view would gasp in awe… You can pretty much see the entire Pacific Ocean from this lupine-filled perch.  BigSur--Gleason - 5


2 thoughts on “Big Sur Lookout”

  1. I love your style and this painting is beautiful. How do you deal with the acrylics wanting to dry so quickly? I know that you are painting in a cooler climate and do you continue throughout the summer using them? I live in a hotter climate especially during the summer and I find that acrylics doesn’t work too well.

    1. Thanks Margaret… yes, that is the big challenge of acrylic– especially when the weather is hot and dry. I try to work in the shade when possible and I squeeze my tubes onto a strip of paper towel that I’ve soaked with water. This helps them stay relatively wet. I also always have a spray bottle on hand to mist everything. I love painting on a foggy day– I feel uncrushed because the light isn’t changing and the paint isn’t drying. The nice advantage of the paint drying fast is you can layer things almost instantly, which is what I see as a limitation with oils.

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