El Capitan Lookout

ElCapLookout--Gleason - 1Acrylic on Canvas– 16×20″– I painted this from the Bill Wallace trail last week.  That point at the top of the canvas is El Refugio and the one under it is the point just before El Capitan State Beach.  I need to hike get up early and return here for a sunrise painting… looking south I could see all the way to Ellwood.  ElCapitanLookout--Gleason - 1

First Light at Ellwood

EllwoodFirstLight-Gleason - 1

Acrylic on Panel 10×20″–  I loved seeing the sun come up and illuminating the waves as its first rays crest the bluffs.  I am using this plein air painting and a couple photos to make a five-foot wide studio painting that also includes the setting moon that was above the horizon.