Sweet Gloom

Gloom--Gleason - 1

12×24″ acrylic–  I have been enjoying the June Gloom– In this part of California we live in a cloud for much of the month.   Although it’s not the sunny and bright start to summer one imagines,  it keeps things moist, cool and mysterious this season and these dune flowers get to bloom for a bit longer.

Backpacking in the Chumash Wilderness pt. 2

I ran out of panels at the end of the trip and had to improvise… I think maybe beer box cardboard is the canvas of the future.  I was honored to paint near the canvas of the past… stone walls where Chumash artists painted maps with dolphins and bears long ago.   ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 5 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 6 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 2



Backpacking in the Chumash Wilderness pt. 1

Here are a few 9×12″ acrylics painted while backpacking Memorial Day weekend near Pine Mountain.  It was cool to see some old growth Jeffrey pines and other alpine plants growing at Sheep Camp… the highest camp in the Los Padres National Forest.  So awesome looking out through the pines high above desert meadows a few thousand feet below.

ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 3 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 4 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 7 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 8