Backpacking in the Chumash Wilderness pt. 1

Here are a few 9×12″ acrylics painted while backpacking Memorial Day weekend near Pine Mountain.  It was cool to see some old growth Jeffrey pines and other alpine plants growing at Sheep Camp… the highest camp in the Los Padres National Forest.  So awesome looking out through the pines high above desert meadows a few thousand feet below.

ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 3 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 4 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 7 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 8

8 thoughts on “Backpacking in the Chumash Wilderness pt. 1”

  1. I live in the Midwest, but was lucky enough to visit Pine Mountain last fall for my son’s wedding. I’d never been there before and was struck by it’s beauty. You have captured it and enhanced it in a unique way. I love your landscapes. Thank you for sharing these.

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