Rock Creek Lake

RockCreekLake--Gleason - 514×18″ Acrylic– $425–  This is the beautiful lake at the end of the road from Tom’s Place in the eastern Sierras and a morning painting of the creek that weaves it’s way through the canyons below it.

RockCreek--Gleason - 9

Rock Creek– 10×20″ acrylic– $400

2 thoughts on “Rock Creek Lake”

  1. I remember Rock Creek. That is where your dad and I as children (yes we were kids once) were sleeping on top of our little homemade trailer, Susie Bell. I’m sure you’ve heard stories about Susie Bell. Well that night your dad rolled off Susie Bell in the middle of the night. Because of that Mom declared it to be unsafe to sleep on top of the trailer. John didn’t get hurt because he was young and wrapped in a sleeping bag. It was wonderful sleeping in the stars, listening to the creek rushing through the campground. After he fell off we had to sleep on the ground. Darrel was still inside Susie Bell because mom declared him too young to sleep outside with us.

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