Lauren Lake


10×20″ Acrylic–  I am officially naming this small, gorgeous unnamed lake above Peter Pande lake off the John Muir trail…  It is Lauren Lake.  I felt lucky to be the only person enjoying this entire basin for a day on the trail.  After painting this I climbed up the rocks behind me and watched miles and miles of granite turn pink with alpenglow.

6 thoughts on “Lauren Lake”

  1. Your Lake Lauren shows the glory of the Sierras. I have felt that same feeling to be all alone, the only one enjoying an entire beautiful vista up there; there are no words to describe that feeling. This painting says it perfectly. I rarely see these mountains anymore, living in the Midwest. All your paintings move me – this one brought me to tears.

  2. Lauren Lake is absolutely gorgeous. You are a lucky guy to get all this free time to explore and paint. I love your paintings. Also love the new Gleason pens.

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