Twisty Oaks on the San Ysidro Trail


12×24″ acrylic– (sold)– My daughters and I always walk up into this tree when we are hiking this section of the trail.  It would be good for playing “hot lava monster” on, but instead of hot lava you fall into poison oak. : )



Morning at Moon Lake


20×48″ Acrylic on Canvas–  This is a studio painting from one of my plein air studies I created this summer.  I had fun playing with color variations and paint textures.  It is fascinating how much different the experience of a painting is when you increase the scale– it feels more like you can walk into it.

Ellwood Fennel Bloom


18×36″ Acrylic– I made this one a couple weeks ago, enjoying the breeze from the wind swell and munching on a few fennel seeds.  We’re so fortunate to have protected this area from development… I hope that More Mesa will be preserved as well some day– not to mention the coastline north of us.