Living Room Scape


16×20″ acrylic– $450– I decided to try painting indoors for a challenge.  Those cool glass mosaic candle holders were a gift from my brother.  I love how they act like disco balls in the afternoon and throw colored light at the wall.

4 thoughts on “Living Room Scape”

  1. Kevin,

    This painting is beautiful! It’s so fun to see an indoor and outdoor scene together in this one.

    How is the school year going? How are the girls enjoying their classes?

    We are doing well. I just went mountain biking for the second time ever (first time was on our honeymoon) and had a blast! I’m excited to do more of it out here. And, we close on our house in 10 days! I can’t wait for you all to come out and see it. You will have a place to stay with us whenever you want to come out!

    Send my love to Lauren and the girls, Emily


  2. We’ve got music in the family too. Someone plays the guitar and some one plays the piano. Who might that be? Donna

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