Santa Ynez Valley Quick Draw and Arts Festival

I’m looking forward to the Santa Ynez Quick Draw Festival next weekend at Flag is Up Farms– just outside of Solvang.  Artists have the challenge of creating a finished painting in one hour.  I’m honored to be part of an artists panel on Sunday at 3pm at the Wilding Museum for the closing reception for the event.  Come out to enjoy live music and watch artists race the clock.foothills-gleasonLos Padres Foothills– 12×24″ Acrylic $750


Fall Colors in Tucker’s Grove


16×20″ acrylic on canvas– Ahhh… the sweet smell of composting California Bay leaves and oak mulch.  I loved the stained glass sycamore leaves and hope that the dry creek bed will be flowing again this winter.

The Lagoon Trail


15×30″ Acrylic–  Any UCSB students will know this spot… how lucky we were to get to walk out on this trail between classes.  There used to be a red fox who lived on this hill that Lauren and I would see on early morning runs here.  The sun was over a sea of stratus clouds when I started and within an hour the fog bank blew in, erasing the scene.