4 thoughts on “Fall Colors in Tucker’s Grove”

  1. I have a technical question, if you don’t mind. Looking in your archives I see some paintings that aren’t cropped clean like Red’s Pool and Manzana Creek. Then there are those like today’s Tucker’s Grove painting with clean edges. Can you explain the difference?

  2. Hi Jade– Often times when I am backpacking or painting in casein, I like to work on paper rather than canvas. When I do that, I like the look of the raw edge and to see a little bit of the paper on the edges to show some of the process and give some contrast. I then mount the paintings onto panels to make them more permanent. When I paint on canvas or directly on panels, I go all the way to the edge. Enjoy your evening– Kevin


  3. That makes sense. Now when I look at them again I can see what you are doing. I’m so accustomed to watercolor painting and supplies. I started painting in acrylics this summer, just for a change. But the only way I think of this medium is as an alternative to oil. So I paint on canvas. But I think I’m limiting myself. Can you recommend a book or website or anything that I might use to further my understanding of acrylics as a medium, as a painting style? Thanks for explaining the paper/canvas difference to me – Cynthia

  4. There are a lot of good books out there and something to be learned from each one, but I don’t think anything can substitute just being yourself as an artist and painting a lot and seeing what techniques you personally develop over time. Have fun!


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