A Couple of Mountain Views

Feeling heavy-hearted after the election… It’s good to step outside and look at the ground and the sky and to remember that these mountains have been here much longer than any of the people.  It helps to see compassionate people everywhere I look, feeling the same dismay and making an extra effort to lock eyes and smile.  It helps remembering that most people on this planet are good and want little more than to live their lives happily.

In Permaculture we learn that the health and resiliency of any ecosystem is represented by its diversity.  The same is true for countries and groups of people.   We have some work to do these next few years.  In a time of fearful people wanting to create separation, it is up to us to meet situations with connection, to remember that the most valuable natural resource is wild nature itself, and to stand up for the diversity that makes America, this lively, beautiful, free, complicated garden of immigrants, truly great.   quickdraw-gleason-3

Cathedral Peak  12×12″


After the Rail 12×24″

4 thoughts on “A Couple of Mountain Views”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for this uplifting perspective. It is a nice reminder during this hard time.



  2. Well said, Kevin. Thank you for the beautiful painting that area reminder of what’s really important.
    Aunt Donna

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