Goleta Slough


20×20″ oil on canvas– Nice to see the Goleta slough filling up with recent rains and starting to get marshy again.  I’ve made a new years resolution not to check the weather online, but rather to look at the sky when I want to know what is happening outside.  I can be surprised and grateful when it does rain…  It beats being bummed when the forecasters are wrong.

Trout Creek in Winter


9×12″ oil on canvas– My brothers and I were lucky kids, growing up with national forest for a back yard and this oxbow in the creek about a quarter mile from our back deck.  It’s so fun to take our kids up there now and play hide-and-seek again.  Happy Holidays everybody!

Devereux Slough


16×20″ oil on canvas– Nice moody clouds kept washing over the mountains looking north from Coal Oil Point.  I need to go back with a bigger canvas because I really wanted to squeeze in the full 360 degrees.  I could paint here every day and it would always be new…

Cold Springs Trail


18×24″ Oil on canvas– The creek is dry below this point, but below me where the canyon narrows and two confluences come together, there is a trickle of running water and some happy salamanders.  I’ve missed that sound!  It was better than any music as I painted the light through this cluster of bay trees.

Goleta Beach


Oil on Canvas–16×20″– Some of you might remember the arch of sandstone that used to bridge the rocks in the foreground.  I remember going to class at UCSB dripping wet from a rogue wave that found me sitting there between classes.  Painting this made me realize just how long Goleta pier is… Do you like walking out there as much as I do?



Thousand Steps Beach


Oil on Canvas– 24×30″– This is the small grove above the beach trail at the east end of More Mesa… a beautiful place to spend the morning painting after the storm last weekend… we are at that beautiful chaparral season with low winter light, long shadows, interesting skies and a landscape turning from gold to green.