Rained out in Romero Canyon


12×24″ oil on canvas– You can see a lot of the raw canvas toned with raw sienna at the bottom of this painting.  I was painting Romero Creek yesterday when the rain began to fall and I had to abandon painting.  Lauren, my best and most important art critic said “leave it unfinished, I like it that way.”  Usually her advice is more along the lines of “why didn’t you paint all the way to the edges and could you add more flowers or butterflies or eyelashes on that bird?”  I like how the few expressive strokes at the bottom help guide the eye to the focal point without demanding too much attention.  What do you think?  Is it done?

8 thoughts on “Rained out in Romero Canyon”

  1. Yes, I love this painting just as it is. The golden tones at the bottom makes the eye go up to the water falling over the rock where the subject is more detailed. Always let your viewer know it was raining and that will explain why less detail in the foreground. Nature blurs your vision when it rains.

  2. OMG! I was able to post! It has been so long since I tried, who knows how many crazy comments I could’ve gotten in here in the meantime.

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