Tartaglia Fine Art

I’m thrilled to have my art hanging now at Tartaglia Fine Art Gallery in Ojai.  My family and I love to park between Ojai and Ventura and follow the beautiful bike trail that connects them.  We always play at the awesome park in town, find a good lunch, check out the indoor/outdoor used book store and look at art.  I am honored to have my work hanging in one of my favorite galleries with a group of artists I really admire.

7 thoughts on “Tartaglia Fine Art”

  1. Congrats Kevin!

    Hope your calf is healed. A couple of days after talking to you I tweaked my calf while running. I think it was because I was somewhat dehydrated. The last time that happened to me, Rusty Snow, a local sports masseuse and running phenom, recommended that I run with water to keep the muscle hydrated. Sorry I didn’t remember that when you told me about your calf issue.



  2. Thanks Roland— yes, I’m back running again, but will keep it in mind to drink a lot of water. Hope you are out on the trails again.

    On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 12:01 PM, Kevin Gleason Art wrote:


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