Cool Ocean on a Hot Day

12×24″ oil on canvas panel– I enjoyed taking a couple of refreshing dips in the surf between painting the waves at Miramar Beach yesterday afternoon.  I hope you are all finding equally good ways to stay cool today!

The Farmer’s Market

14×18″ oil on canvas– There is so much positive energy and sensory stimulation a the farmer’s market.  I couldn’t have found a better place to post up, across from the flower vendor which let me use all my colors and next to Salvador, an amazing classical guitarist. It’s fun to work on instinct and just respond to the colors, shapes and light busily passing by…

Hamilton Lake Sunrise

20×48″ Oil on Canvas– This is a big studio painting I have been working on based on a sketch of Hamilton Lake in Sequoia National Forest this summer.  My tent was in a flat spot near the pines on the right and I woke up and watched the warm light crawl across this wonderland.  There is another lake at the top of the cascade in the center of the painting that was still snowbound… and miles and miles of mountains and lakes for us still to explore to the north and south beyond.     (Detail)(Detail)