Driftwoods Beach

20×48″ oil on canvas– The tides were nice and low Monday afternoon to walk from Haskel’s to Driftwoods Beach.  The cirrus clouds in the sky were hinting at the rains on the way.   I brought the sun out a little more in the painting because, well, grey isn’t my favorite color.  This is more how it would look today with the sun out again and our creeks flowing happily… 

A Glimpse of the Sea through the Oaks

18×24″ oil on canvas– Tomorrow is the equinox… happy first day of spring!  I know the season is here because I get to use electric greens to color the grass instead of the usual Southern California gold.  

Blooming Aloes

Aloes in Bloom– 30×40″ oil on canvas– This was a fun commission for a couple on the Riviera who collect a whole variety of interesting aloes in their garden.  The day I went to make watercolor sketches to work from, the clouds were playing hide and seek with the sun giving the whole view a magical feel.

Painting Workshop in April

Hi all!  There are four spots left for a plein air painting workshop I am looking forward to teaching in April.  The details are down below in case you are interested in signing up and joining us!Atmospheric Afternoon– 18×24″ oil on canvas panel

Finding your Natural Style:  Plein Air Painting Workshop with Kevin Gleason

Two Days: Saturday and Sunday April 28 and 29

Plus an Introductory Evening Friday April 27

About the Workshop 

Enjoy an evening in the artist’s home viewing and discussing art followed by two days of painting and demos in the field.

There are as many ways to interpret a scene in painting as there are artists in the world.  An artist’s style emerges as they make decisions about what aspects of a scene they want to emphasize.

The main focus of this workshop will be on composition and design, since the design is what communicates this visual idea to the viewer.  We will learn how individuals can use shapes, values, edges and color combinations in a personalized way to create a strong focal point and emphasize what they love most about a particular view.

There will be daily demos in oils followed by exploratory exercises and then individualized attention while painting on site.  Students of all levels using oils or acrylics are welcome.


Workshop Enrollment Information

Dates: April 27 (6pm to 7:30 pm), April 28 and 29 (9 am to 4 pm with an hour for lunch)

Locations: Santa Barbara County; Exact Locations TBA

Cost: $230 for SCAPE members; $280 for non-SCAPE members which includes SCAPE membership

Maximum Number of Students: 13

Refreshments: Coffee, tea, water and snacks served daily

Supply List: Provided upon enrollment

Payment and Registration: Pay online. http://www.s-c-a-p-e.org/about-3-1/

Fraser Cove– Sunset over Santa Rosa Island

15×30″ oil on canvas panel– This is the far western end of Santa Cruz Island.  The several food deep middens of abalone shell and other sea life show evidence of the thousands of years the Chumash called this home.  It’s crazy to look at the stretch of sea out there and learn that following the last ice age Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Island were connected as one big island called Santa Rosae.  Mammoths swam out to Santa Rosae and like the foxes that live there now, shrunk in size and evolved into Pygmy Mammoths.  Time, time, time– it is a beautiful ever-changing world out there…