Liquid Light

25 1/2 x 34″– oil on canvas– I had my dad in mind when I made this painting.  He loves to drop a fly into small mountain streams like this and catch and release the native trout.  Can you spot the three fish swimming in the painting?

Also a reminder that this weekend is my open studio and art sale.  If you would like to come by it is  at 1128 Via Regina this Labor Day Weekend.  Saturday and Sunday 11 am-5 pm, Monday  11-2pm.  I will have special sale prices on paintings for the weekend and the first buyers of paintings over $500 will get a free 8×10 casein painting.  I’ll have my easel set up and be doing a demo over the weekend as well.  Hope to see you there!


With Toes in the Surf

8×16″ oil–  What a nice way to paint a landscape with the waves rolling up over my feet.  This small new painting is one of many that I’ll have on display at the Open Studio Art Show in eight days.  I hope to see you there.


Saturday-Monday September 1-3,

Saturday and Sunday 11 am-5 pm, Monday  11-2pm

1128 Via Regina

Free to visit my studio as a guest.  To participate in the tour and see the many awesome artists who are part of it, tickets can be bought here:


Marmot Paradise and Painting Process

Oil on Canvas 25.5×34″  –This is the first backpacking sketch that I’ve turned into a finished oil painting.  Lauren named this place on the east side of Sawtooth Pass “Marmot Paradise” for all the happy groundhogs who call this place home who were whistling, running amok and eating the vibrant grasses in these high meadows. I took pictures of the original sketch and my backpacking painting kit so people can see the setup.  I used a lightweight sheet of corrugated plastic as a laptop desk with a clip-on water container.  Notice the wet paper towel that I squeeze my paints onto… it wicks water up into the paints to keep the dry mountain air from solidifying them.   No stand up easel this trip, but after hiking fifteen miles over a pass, who wants to stand?  

Open Studio and Art Sale coming up…

On Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 1-3) I will be having my big Open Studio and Art Show event for the year.  If you’d like to mark your calendars, it will be at 1128 Via Regina from 10-5 Saturday and Sunday and Monday from 10-2.  I hope to see you there!  You are welcome to come for free as my guest.  It will also be in conjunction with the Santa Barbara Studio Artists’ tour and if you would like to buy tickets for the full event, details can be found at .

Here are some more pages from my summer backpacking sketchbook.   Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Backpacking--Gleason - 3Backpacking--Gleason - 5Backpacking--Gleason - 9Backpacking--Gleason - 10

Backpacking & Painting in the Sierras

Backpacking--Gleason - 1I was lucky to spend twelve nights backpacking in the Sierras recently.  I hiked an eight day solo trip from Bishop to Mineral King and then met Lauren and the girls for another four night loop.  All in all, I enjoyed over 150 beautiful miles of trail and each day painted   at least once in a sketchbook with gouache.  I’ll lump together some of the sketches in a couple of posts here.  (I don’t want to overwhelm the email subscribers, so if you’d like to see them all, you can follow my Instagram feed or “like” my Facebook artists’ page.)  I plan to turn some of them into big, fully rendered studio paintings.  Any votes for which one you’d like to see fully realized?  Backpacking--Gleason - 6Backpacking--Gleason - 4Backpacking--Gleason - 7