Backpacking & Painting in the Sierras

Backpacking--Gleason - 1I was lucky to spend twelve nights backpacking in the Sierras recently.  I hiked an eight day solo trip from Bishop to Mineral King and then met Lauren and the girls for another four night loop.  All in all, I enjoyed over 150 beautiful miles of trail and each day painted   at least once in a sketchbook with gouache.  I’ll lump together some of the sketches in a couple of posts here.  (I don’t want to overwhelm the email subscribers, so if you’d like to see them all, you can follow my Instagram feed or “like” my Facebook artists’ page.)  I plan to turn some of them into big, fully rendered studio paintings.  Any votes for which one you’d like to see fully realized?  Backpacking--Gleason - 6Backpacking--Gleason - 4Backpacking--Gleason - 7

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