Rae Lakes Splendor

16×20″ oil on canvas– This is one of my favorite spots on the John Muir Trail– which is saying something because there are so many gorgeous lakes strung like turquoise beads on the path from Whitney to Yosemite.  But these lakes just below timber line at the base of several granite peaks and the play of light on them is dramatic.  Have you hiked this section of trail?  You might recognize Glen Pass in the top right corner.

4 thoughts on “Rae Lakes Splendor”

  1. Hi Kevin, Would you mind if I made a link to your site from my blog? I’m playing around with oils and acrylics for the next month or so myself and I’m very much inspired by your paintings. I’d love my followers to see your work too. I think they’d love it. I was thinking of linking a painting of yours, and making a text link to your site. It’s entirely up to you though. If you’re not keen I won’t do it. 🙂 Thanks Jo

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