Berry Creek Falls

12×24″ oil on panel

Lauren and I celebrated our 20th anniversary this month doing the thing we love most– walking in the woods. This time it was the redwoods in Big Basin and Butano State Parks north of Santa Cruz. I’m so lucky to be married to such a thoughtful, fun and beautiful fellow adventurer. I painted her in admiring the canopy from a fallen log in one of the oil sketches below.

2 thoughts on “Berry Creek Falls”

  1. The paintings are great in Big Basin and at the beach in Santa Cruz. So you went to Butano also. Never hiked there. The apricots and peaches were so delicious, kind of forgot how wonderful they are right off the tree. I’ve never had such sweet apricots before. They are one of my favorite fruits. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary. It was Darrel and Renae’s 49th. Next year is their 50th, so that means they were married in 1970. Love, Donna

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