Clouds Parting– Hurricane Deck

Hurricane Deck– 16×20″ oil on linen panel– $900

I experienced this view the morning of the last day of 2020 while hiking along Hurricane Deck on one final backpacking trip for the year. I woke from my tent to light sprinkles of rain and hiked through a dramatic, grey cloudy landscape of sandstone and chaparral. The next two hours were glorious– I saw every stage of a drizzly grey world evaporating to let the light through. By lunch time it was sunny.

Maybe it was nature being metaphorical about the coming year? You never know. Sunlight is never so beautiful and precious as when it is surrounded by a storm. The best in people shines brightest in dark times. I feel like I can sense the clouds starting to part… can you?

The original gouache sketch I made for the idea while on the trail…
Clouds Parting– 7-9″ gouache on paper