About and Contact

I am an artist and teacher living in Santa Barbara, California.  If you have any comments or would like to buy about a painting, please contact me by email below.    

2 thoughts on “About and Contact”

  1. Hey Kevin, Wow, I am impressed. Your paintings are excellent. With the very brief visit with you I already can see the authenticity in your paintings coming directly from you. This is the part I am not finding anymore. My paintings are stiff and contrived and not coming through with the joy I have felt in the past. Interesting times for me now in witnessing the decline in so much the I love in nature/animals/insects, all that matters so much for me. Painting has to come from inside and this I struggle with for reasons stated. Kneeland Gallery in Ketchum might be a good source for sales.
    I wish you the best in selling, but if not you have all you need in your family! Jini and John from Joshua Tree camp

    1. Hi Jineen! So good to meet you and John in Joshua Tree. Thanks again for helping us out that night. I hope you guys found some great wildlife and flowers in Anzo Borrego. I understand what you are saying about painting and I can feel that shift happening in me too… sometimes when the creative energy is there it is great to paint, but other times it is great NOT to paint and to really look close at all the amazing details you could never catch anyway. 🙂 I plan to check out your website tonight. Take care! Kevin

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