One Week until Open Studio Art Sale

Next weekend, December 5 and 6, I am looking forward to having a socially distanced Open Studio Art Show. If you’ve been hoping to bring some of your favorite outdoor spots indoors or would just like a chance to see my paintings in person, please email me to choose a time slot. I price paintings by size and have everything from a stack of 6×8″ works to large 48″ wide paintings and prices range from $200 and up.

Next weekend I will take 10% off all paintings and 20% off a second painting. I hope to see you there!

a few of the 6×8″ paintings available
A work in progress on the easel…

Island View–Autumn Light

16×20″ oil on panel– As the days are getting shorter, the shadows are growing longer. Sunsets slow down with the lower arc of the sun. The colder weather means warmer light. It’s fascinating how nature is designed with delicately balanced opposites.

(I miss art shows and openings and a community of people celebrating art in person… fingers crossed that is in the not too distant future.) People are starting to reserve hour blocks for my Covid Friendly Socially distanced Open Studio Art Sale the weekend of December 5 and 6. Send me a message if you’d like claim an hour to come by to explore the studio and see available paintings in person.

Ellwood Bluff Walk

20×48″ oil on linen– $3200

I made this recent painting as a studio work based on some sketches that I made one day out on Ellwood. It was a nice way to work. I find it helps to step away from the actual scene for a bit to allow my imagination and memory to enter into the painting and create an impression not only of how the scene looks but also how it feels to be there. I’ve also included a work in process shot from the Studio.

I’m going to have a staggered Covid Friendly mostly-outdoor open studio art sale on November 14 and 15… stay tuned for more info and let me know if you’d like to save a time slot.

Moonrise Over Santa Barbara

12×24″ oil on linen panel– $750

Tomorrow morning the last sliver of the waning crescent moon will be visible around sunset. Tomorrow is a new moon, which means the moon is up all day and we can’t see it. The day after, we’ll see the first waxing sliver of moon in the early evening. With a full moon like this, it always rises at sunset and is up all night. (Now if I could just wrap my head around out when tides happen in relation to all of this… help anyone?)

R Beach Path– 8×10″ oil on panel– $400

Daytime Moon–Ellwood

Daytime Moon– 18×36″ oil on linen–$1800

Whatever your hobby or love is, I encourage you to try a month of doing it every day. These are things I’ve learned making a painting a day this month of September:

  1. Some of our best ideas come when we don’t overthink and just respond to what we are experiencing in the moment.
  2. You don’t have to wash your brushes if you use them every day– they don’t have a chance to dry out.
  3. There is something worth painting no matter where you are.

Painting is a little more like running than it is like riding a bike… You know how people say “its like riding a bike” which means you never forget how to do it. This is somewhat true with painting, but if you do it more regularly, it is kind of like you get into art shape and it is much easier.

in progress…

Campus Point– 12×24″ oil on panel– $750
Lizard’s Mouth and the Sea of Clouds– 16×20″– $750

Fishing Boats, a Dragon’s Back and one Cooperative Gull

These are the subjects of some of my recent paintings. I have been enjoying the challenge of creating a paintings every day for the month of September. If you want to see all of them, they can be found here on Instagram. I’ll share brief stories about each one below.

Fishing since 1929– 12×16″ oil on panel

When I asked the Captain of the Sal-C if his boat was going to be parked for a while so I could paint it, he joked, “I painted it last week!” It is an awesome fishing boat that I learned has been out fishing in the Santa Barbara Channel for 91 years.

The Dragon’s Back– 8×16″ oil on linen panel– $500

My favorite feature of our local mountains is Arlington and Cathedral Peaks, the rocks on which can be interpreted as an immense sleeping dragon.

Goleta Beach Gull– 6×8″ oil on panel– $180

Part of painting every day is sometimes having to squeeze in a quick session into a busy life. Often I don’t have time to be picky about a scene, but just pull out the easel and take what nature throws at this me. If I’m lucky, the wildlife cooperate.

Beach Days

Ledbetter Surf–12×16″ –$750

I committed myself to the challenge of making a painting a day for the month of September. Each day I’ve been heading out and working on a variety of sizes depending upon the amount of time and energy I have left in me. (I’m not posting them all here because I don’t want to overwhelm people’s inboxes, but if you’d like to see them all they are on my Instagram and Facebook Artist pages.).

I’m hoping that the experience will take my technique to a new level. Already I’m seeing things a little differently and addressing canvases with a looser, more cavalier style. I always tell my students that there aren’t many things like painting that you can do your entire life and continue to improve. And just when you think you’ve figured it all out, the next day you are thrown for a loop and feel like a beginner again. Painting is a constant challenge and joy.

Ain’t no Place Better– 12×24″ oil on panel–$800
Mesa Lane Atmosphere– 12×16″ oil on linen panel– $750

A Living Microclimate

18×36″ oil on panel– $2200

This is the view looking out towards Santa Cruz Island from near the San Marcos open space. It is striking on a hot day how much cooler it is beneath an oak tree, with its thick dappled shade and its leaves transpiring. I had fun stylizing the leaves, trying to get the variety of warm and cool greens they contain.