Late Afternoon at El Refugio

ElRefujioSundown--Gleason - 1

Acrylic on Canvas– 20×48″–  This was a commission for a wonderful couple celebrating their tenth anniversary…  my second tenth year anniversary painting this year.  I think I should start a rumor that if fifty years is officially the gold-jewelry-anniversary, ten years is the plein-air-painting-anniversary.  ; )   I’m sure they’ll have many happy years camping here with their kids in the future.

Sierra Backpacking Paintings


It has been an amazing summer– I have spent probably half of it in a tent… camping with my family, backpacking with Lauren for a few nights and then solo backpacking for a week.  I worked out a lightwieght way to carry an easel, cardboard palette, paints and brushes along and I’m looking forward to sharing paintings made days from the nearest parking lot.  IMG_2432

This first one is of Moon Lake near Pine Creek Pass.  Like many of the paintings from this trip, it comes with certified authentic Sierra mosquitoes fossilized in the paint.  (When you paint wildflowers, you will also be painting the bugs…)


Moon Lake– $450– 10×20″ acrylic

From Stearn’s Wharf

Stearn'sWharf--Gleason - 1

Acrylic on Canvas– 18×24″– $650–  Looking back at our sunny seaside city from the wharf and thinking about how every place has its own unique palette.  It is fun to see the colors of Santa Barbara with fresh eyes after painting so many mountains and deserts this summer.

Sunny Sierra Creek

GreatBasinCreek--Gleason - 11

10×20″ acrylic– $450– This is the snowmelt creek that runs through Great Basin National Park, an alpine oasis in the middle of Nevada.  Sometimes not having as much time as you would like to make a painting gives things a looseness and freshness that comes from painting by instinct rather than thinking too much.