A Sweet Poison Oak Patch

The overcast afternoon under these dark live oaks on the Jesusita trail made the reds in the poison oak just glow.  I have to confess that I’m coming to love this plant.  I think of it like a protector of patches of the landscape where wild creatures can hide from people in hidden glens like this one.   Thinking from this point of view makes the spots on my leg itch a little less.    Casein on Birch Panel 9×12″   Click to BidLatest7Latest6

Afternoon on the Bluffs

I decided not to include the crews of guys in hazmat suits cleaning up tar balls riding the currents south on the currents from the Refugio oil spill.  It is a shame that such a beautiful landscape is tainted by accidents like this and the huge offshore platforms on the horizon. I hope some day we’ll switch to more sustainable energy sources and pipelines will be a thing of the past.  Casein on Birch Panel  8×10″




Hiking the Sespe Gorge pt. 1

Memorial Day weekend I spent a couple days rock scrambling, bushwacking and wading through the lower Sespe gorge with a really fun group of hikers.   It is a gorgeous gorge, to say the least.  So nice to know that there is still a river that remote and wild in Southern California.  These paintings are all 8×10 in casein. Click to Bid Sespe4 Sespe5 Sespecr.3