El Capitan Lookout

ElCapLookout--Gleason - 1Acrylic on Canvas– 16×20″– I painted this from the Bill Wallace trail last week.  That point at the top of the canvas is El Refugio and the one under it is the point just before El Capitan State Beach.  I need to hike get up early and return here for a sunrise painting… looking south I could see all the way to Ellwood.  ElCapitanLookout--Gleason - 1

The Hike to Inspiration Point

Acrylic on Canvas 20×48″  This is the widest painting I’ve worked on in a long while.  With four feet horizontal, I was able to squeeze in the Jesusita trail snaking through the canyon in shadows on the left all the way to Inspiration Point on that plateau on the right below Cathedral Peak.  Inspiration Point - 1 Inspiration Point - 2

A couple small studies…

I’m working these days on really trying to understand how light works… how it reflects and refracts, floods through things, bounces off of the ground.  When you really study it, you start to realize that the color of anything depends entirely on the color of the things surrounding it.  Fascinating and challenging… I think it will keep me busy for a lifetime.

Douglas Preserve  - 3 Douglas Preserve  - 4