Rancho Dos Pueblos

12×24″ Oil on Canvas– Not a bad place to spend a day… particularly one that happens to be a first day of the rest of your life.   This was a commission for a couple that got married on these bluffs on historic Rancho Dos Pueblos.  They picked a good spot to begin their adventure together.

Springtime at Devereux Point

24×36″ oil on canvas– Spring is springing!  Since the first day of Spring on Monday, I learned that the days will be getting about two minutes and eight seconds longer each day for a week or two.  (The most dramatic change in daylength of the year is at the equinoxes.)   I hope you all find a fun way to enjoy your extra two minutes of sunlight…

Low Tide at El Refugio

20×48″  Oil on Canvas– This was a ten year anniversary commission for a really nice couple who has spent a lot of time over the years playing at this beach.  At low tide, the wet sand is like a mirror reflecting the sky and bluffs–  you can take off your shoes and walk on patches of fallen sky.


18×36″ Oil on Canvas– I’m looking east at the morning sun, warming my hands from the cool morning as though it is a big campfire in the sky–  I love this time of day!  I measured exactly half way across the canvas and broke composition rule number one:  never put ANYTHING right in the center of the painting.  I felt like the sun doesn’t have to follow silly art rules and I wanted it to be the center of attention.

Sand Dune Garden


20×20″ oil on canvas– The light was lovely in this small small cove just north of Campus Point.  It is a motley collection of salty, succulent, ocean-loving plants that grow here happily in the sand… they’re the beach combers of the plant world, sunbathing near the surf, satisfied with little nourishment besides a good view.

Morning Light at Ellwood


18×36″ oil on linen– This is a studio painting based on past plein air paintings and photos of this view.  The nice thing about working from photos is they can freeze time and the sun will keep on rising as long as you need it to.  The downside is you don’t feel the surf sucking your feet into the wet sand as you paint.


Flowing Water


12×16″ oil on canvas board– My family and I hiked up San Ysidro Creek last weekend.  I have missed flowing water in our local creeks deeply.  When I first moved to this area, the creeks would flow year round… these days it seems we need to wait for winter.  It is so nice to see, hear, smell and feel this one trickling through the canyon again.

Small Foothills Studies

I’m playing with different painting mediums to try to find one that I enjoy.  I am trying to paint entirely without solvents and petroleum distillates… it can be a challenge not using turp.  So far I’m enjoying using walnut oil to clean my brushes and Gamblin’s solvent-free fluid medium. These are a couple studies I’ve sketched in the Foothills recently…sanmarcosopenspace

San Marcos Open Space 8×10″ oil

sanmarcospass From San Marcos Pass  6×8″ oil

Devereux Slough


16×20″ oil on canvas– Nice moody clouds kept washing over the mountains looking north from Coal Oil Point.  I need to go back with a bigger canvas because I really wanted to squeeze in the full 360 degrees.  I could paint here every day and it would always be new…