Sierra Backpacking Paintings


It has been an amazing summer– I have spent probably half of it in a tent… camping with my family, backpacking with Lauren for a few nights and then solo backpacking for a week.  I worked out a lightwieght way to carry an easel, cardboard palette, paints and brushes along and I’m looking forward to sharing paintings made days from the nearest parking lot.  IMG_2432

This first one is of Moon Lake near Pine Creek Pass.  Like many of the paintings from this trip, it comes with certified authentic Sierra mosquitoes fossilized in the paint.  (When you paint wildflowers, you will also be painting the bugs…)


Moon Lake– $450– 10×20″ acrylic

Backpacking in the Chumash Wilderness pt. 1

Here are a few 9×12″ acrylics painted while backpacking Memorial Day weekend near Pine Mountain.  It was cool to see some old growth Jeffrey pines and other alpine plants growing at Sheep Camp… the highest camp in the Los Padres National Forest.  So awesome looking out through the pines high above desert meadows a few thousand feet below.

ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 3 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 4 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 7 ChumashWilderness--Gleason - 8

El Capitan Lookout

ElCapLookout--Gleason - 1Acrylic on Canvas– 16×20″– I painted this from the Bill Wallace trail last week.  That point at the top of the canvas is El Refugio and the one under it is the point just before El Capitan State Beach.  I need to hike get up early and return here for a sunrise painting… looking south I could see all the way to Ellwood.  ElCapitanLookout--Gleason - 1