Good Morning, Sunshine

Devereux1-Gleason - 1

Acrylic on Canvas– 24×60″– This is the path on the west side of Devereux Slough with a peak of the ocean on the horizon to the right.   The sun’s coming up nearly due east with the equinox near and as you walk down the path you get to pass through the stripes of warm golden sun and cool eucalyptus shadows.

The Hike to Inspiration Point

Acrylic on Canvas 20×48″  This is the widest painting I’ve worked on in a long while.  With four feet horizontal, I was able to squeeze in the Jesusita trail snaking through the canyon in shadows on the left all the way to Inspiration Point on that plateau on the right below Cathedral Peak.  Inspiration Point - 1 Inspiration Point - 2

Painting Process: More Mesa Trail

I thought I’d take some in-progress photos today to share my process.  The first step is hiking around for a while until the muse bites… this can take all day sometimes.  I passed these trees, went to check out the ocean, realized the waves were small and headed back to the trees.

MoreMesaTrail - 1

I first make a simple, abstract first coat just to set the mood with the colors, get the value pattern down and figure out how things will be placed.

MoreMesaTrail - 2

It is all about shapes and colors for me… I break the bigger shapes into smaller shapes and try to pick out the most interesting colors I perceive in the scene.

MoreMesaTrail - 3

And then even smaller shapes…. Notice the number of brushes in the water jar grows as the painting proceeds… I start with a 1″ flat brush and finish with a small round.

MoreMesaTrail - 4

The finished painting:  More Mesa Trail– 12×12″ Acrylic on Birch Panel

Backpacking in Mineral King

Of all the places I’ve been in the world, none compare in peace and beauty to the high Sierras.  (I encourage you to disagree and tell me your favorite nook or cranny of this planet.)  There is a special kind of quiet when you are up above 10,000 feet, a marmot is whistling, a few chickadees are calling, the breeze sounds like water through the fragrant pines and the sky is such a deep blue your paint tubes can’t do it justice.

(All paintings are Casein on Mounted Paper 8×10″)

Lake Below Sawtooth Pass Littlefivelakes MonarchLake SodaCreek

Misty Mornings

Summer is here and my plan is to try to make a painting a day.  Summer in SB means June gloom which feels like a breath of fern laden moist air in times of drought.  I’ve been loving going out on these dripping, mossy mornings and learning how to use grey in my palette.  One plus is I don’t need to keep use the spray bottle on my casein paints…  100% humidity has its advantages.  On the flip side, my paintings don’t dry until I get them back home.   misty1 misty2 misty3 misty4 misty5