Fresh Paint

Here are a few new paintings.  I haven’t used acrylics in a while, but I’m recognizing I might want to bring them out again when I want to work larger.  (The quick drying of the casein limits the scale I can create.)  Can you tell which painting is in the different media?


Cold Springs Trail Boulder  8×10″Views2

Sands Beach 12×12″Views4

Tucker’s Grove Trail 12×12″

Dappled light in Cold Springs Canyon

Cold Springs3

Here is a photo of the view I as I saw it and the painting I made on an afternoon hiking with my family in Cold Springs Canyon last weekend.  In most sections, the creek is dry still, but in this narrow spot there are several springs and the water is running.  The whole hike is still beautiful nonetheless.  I was happy to feel some raindrops today, if only a few.

8×10 ” Casein on Panel
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Cold Springs2

Miramar Beach

I love the character of these houses on stilts in Montecito.  I wonder what it would be like to live with the Pacific Ocean as your backyard.  I am starting to put many of the new plein air paintings that I do on auction through Daily Paintworks.  Most of my work is done in Casein on Archival Stonehenge paper mounted on wood panels.  The link to my gallery is:  and I’ll post the link to specific pieces at the end of posts.  Enjoy your weekend!

Miramar Kevin Gleason