Lauren Lake


10×20″ Acrylic–  I am officially naming this small, gorgeous unnamed lake above Peter Pande lake off the John Muir trail…  It is Lauren Lake.  I felt lucky to be the only person enjoying this entire basin for a day on the trail.  After painting this I climbed up the rocks behind me and watched miles and miles of granite turn pink with alpenglow.

Cathedral Peak

Cathedralpeak--Gleason - 1

18×24″ Acrylic on Canvas–  Every mountainside town has it’s one magical, unique peak that kind of stands out from the rest.  Hokusai painted his hundred views of Mount Fuji. Cezanne caught Mt. Saint Victoire from every angle.  Growing up in Tahoe, we learned Washoe legends about Mount Tallac. It is not the tallest mountain here in Santa Barbara, but Cathedral Peak get’s my vote for most awesome.